The Commerce and Labor Committee meets again next Tuesday, January 30th.  Fortunately, it was not discussed today which gives you until next Tuesday to focus on contacting the Delegates below. Today, Delegate Terry G. Kilgore was added to the subcommittee, which means, we need physicians to write/call him. 

An additional action alert — we are in need of physicians from all of the individual Delegates districts to write in. This will be critical as to whether each individual Delegate will support the bill.  Delegate Habeeb is the Chair, therefore if you know physicians from his district, or are from his district, write and call him ASAP to support HB157.  Do you know anyone that works at the Salem Veterans Affairs Hospital, let them know to write Delegate Habeeb.  See the breakdown of all the Delegates districts next to their contact information. 

If you can set up a meeting with either the Delegate and/or the Legislative Aide, I URGE you to go.  It makes a HUGE difference for legislators to meet with the public and a little conversation goes a long way in understanding why this bill is so important. 

IMPORTANT Use the following tips when writing your email or calling in: 

  1. State where in Virginia you are from. If you are his constituent, please let him know. 
  2. Explain why MOC has been harmful to you and patients. State your personal story, 2-5 sentences.

  1. Delegate Gregory D. Habeeb  (804) 698-1008  The City of Salem, Craig County, and parts of Roanoke and Montgomery Counties.
  2. Delegate Timothy D. Hugo  (804) 698-1040  Fairfax County and Prince William County, Virginia,
  3. Delegate Robert B. Bell  (804) 698-1058  Greene County as well as parts of Albemarle, Fluvanna, and Rockingham counties.
  4. Delegate David E. Yancey  (804) 698-1094 The district is made up of part of Newport News, Virginia
  5. Delegate Mark Keam  (804) 698-1035  Fairfax County
  6. Delegate Joseph C. Lindsey  (804) 698-1090 The district is made up of parts of the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach
  7. Delegate David Toscano  (804) 698-1057  The district consisting of parts of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia.
  8. Delegate Terry G. Kilgore (804) 698-1001  The city of Norton and portions of Lee, Scott, and Wise counties

Not sure about your legislators? Find them here:

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