The Commerce and Labor Committee has put HB157 on Tuesday, February 6th, 2018.  900 Main Street, Richmond Virginia.

Room: House Committee Room, Ground Floor, Room W011, Pocahontas Building 

In preparation for the meeting, I urge all Virginia area physicians to do the following:

1.  Email and/or call each member of the entire committee. If you have already contacted the subcommittee members, then just contact those you haven’t emailed.  IMPORTANT Use the following tips when writing your email or calling in:

  • State where in Virginia you are from. If you are a constituent, please say so.

  • Explain why MOC has been harmful to you and patients. State your personal story, 2-5 sentences.

  • See contact information below.

2. We need physicians to help in Richmond on Tuesday, February 6 from 12-4 to testify regarding the harm that MOC does to physicians and their patients. This is a hearing leading up to the vote on HB 157, that states that hospitals and insurance cannot force physicians to do MOC. 

ABMS is incredibly upset about this bill and is promulgating lies that MOC is necessary to maintain trauma center status. The lies and deception are not surprising.  MOC revenue for ABMS is no less than $392 million a year! They want to keep this money train running. Which is why, if you can take time and join us that day in FULL FORCE and stand up, voice the truth of MOC, it will eliminate the strong arm tactics from hospitals, insurance companies and ABMS.

Virginia has a history of having ties to special interest. We are fortunate that Delegate Sam Rasoul stands up to special interests and is the first legislator in Virginia to go on record to announce that he cannot be bought. And it is high time practicing physicians remove the power of private organizations from stealing your voice. If you plan on attending, please email and we will update you with all the appropriate information for February 6th.  Thank you for all you do.


  1. Delegate Gregory D. Habeeb (804) 698-1008 District 8 represents the City of Salem, Craig County, and parts of Roanoke and Montgomery Counties.

  2. Delegate Timothy D. Hugo (804) 698-1040 District 40 represents Fairfax County and Prince William County, Virginia.

  3. Delegate Robert B. Bell (804) 698-1058 District 58 is made up of Greene County as well as parts of Albemarle, Fluvanna, and Rockingham counties.

  4. Delegate David E. Yancey (804) 698-1094 District 94 is made up of part of Newport News, Virginia

  5. Delegate Mark Keam (804) 698-1035 District 95 is made up of parts of Fairfax County

  6. Delegate Joseph C. Lindsey (804) 698-1090 District 90 is made up of parts of the cities of Norfolk and Virginia Beach

  7. Delegate David Toscano (804) 698-1057 District 57 consists of parts of Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia.

  8. Delegate Terry G. Kilgore (804) 698-1001 District 1 represents the city of Norton and portions of Lee, Scott, and Wise counties.

  9. Delegate Kathy J. Byron (Vice Chair of Committee) (804) 698 -1022 District 22 is made up of Bedford County, Lynchburg, Campbell County, and Franklin County.

  10. Delegate Lee Ware (804) 698-1065 Represents Powhatan County as well as parts of Chesterfield, Fluvanna, Goochland counties.

  11. Delegate Daniel W. Marshall III (804) 698-1014 District 65 represents Powhatan County as well as parts of Chesterfield, Fluvanna, Goochland counties.

  12. Delegate Lamont Bagby (804)698-1074 District 74 includes part of Charles City County, part of Henrico County, and part of the city of Richmond.

  13. Delegate Benjamin Cline (804)698-1024 District 24 represents the cities of Buena Vista and Lexington; Bath and Rockbridge counties; and parts of Amherst and Augusta counties.

  14. Delegate Israel O’Quin (804)698-1005 District 5 covers all of Grayson County, portions of Smyth County, and Washington County, Virginia. The district also includes the cities of Bristol and Galax, Virginia.

  15. Delegate Margaret Ransone (804)698-1099 District 99 is made up of the counties of King George, Lancaster, Northumberland, Richmond, Westmoreland, and part of Caroline County. The combined area is called the Northern Neck of Virginia.

  16. Delegate Michael J. Webert (804)698-1018 District 18 is Fauquier County, Warren County, Culpeper County, and Rappahannock County.

  17. Delegate Jeion A. Ward (804)698-1092 District 92 represents Hampton.

  18. Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (804) 698-1041 District 41 represents part of Fairfax County, Virginia.

  19. Delegate Kaye Kory (cosponsor of HB157) (804)698-1038 District 38 represents part of Fairfax County.

  20. Delegate Stephen Heretick (804) 698-1079 District 79 represents parts of the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth.

  21. Delegate Michael Mullin (804)698-1093 District 93 is made up of parts of Newport News, Williamsburg, James City County, and York County.

  22. Delegate Jeffrey Bourne (804)698-1071 District 71 represents the City of Richmond.


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    The Big Short here is how tax exempt organizations have turned the law into a farce without getting swatted by IRS — ABMS has revealed a model for self-enrichment that laughs at the law. while posing as patients’ protectors. We need doctors credentialed by other than ABMS. NBPAS is a starter. There should be others . — robert L. weinmann, md, editor, and contributor to Changeboardrecert ,

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