Thanks to all Virginia physicians writing into the Medical Society of Virginia (MSV), yesterday, they added HB157 to their legislative agenda.  However, this is not the time to rest on your laurels.

Many have written to to their legislators to support HB157. Organizations like the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS), Practicing Physicians of American (PPA), Change Board Recertification (CBR), American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), and many individual physicians, have joined us in spreading the word about HB157 via social media and newsletters.  NBPAS went even further and created an easily accessible and user-friendly a one-click template letter, that populates an individualized letter of support for HB157 to both the Senate and House leaders. That link alone, currently is at 243 letters of support!

Virginia currently has more than 16,000 practicing physicians; 40 percent of whom practice as family, internal medicine, or pediatric physicians (Joint Commission on Doctor Shortage).  MOC disproportionately impacts the primary care physicians. With hospitals and insurance companies requiring MOC, it becomes extremely burdensome for physicians to access the full complement of insurance programs and hospitals throughout the state. By doing so, it interferes with patients’ abilities to access those physicians and hospitals. Any reduction in primary care physicians would significantly impact our Commonwealth’s ability to provide adequate healthcare to its citizens. I can’t stress enough the importance of those of you who haven’t had a chance to call or write in, PLEASE  do so.  Also, if you have the time, go and speak with your legislators. This is not a partisan issue and our elected officials need to hear from you! 

The Health Committee has also been announced and reaching out to these committee members is just as important! Fortunately, our sponsor, Delegate Sam Rasoul is on the committee. The list of legislators on the committee is below:

  1. Orrock, Robert D., Sr. (Chair) 54th E309 R (804) 698-1054 (540) 891-1322
  2. Garrett, T. Scott (Vice Chair) 23rd E418 R (804) 698-1023 (434) 455-0243
  3. Bell, Robert B. 58th E311 R (804) 698-1058 (434) 245-8900
  4. Peace, Christopher K. 97th E408 R (804) 698-1097 (804) 730-3737
  5. Pogge, Brenda L. 96th E403 R (804) 698-1096 (757) 223-9690
  6. Bell, Richard P. 20th E305 R (804) 698-1020 (540) 448-3999
  7. Stolle, Christopher P. 83rd W439 R (804) 698-1083 (757) 633-2080
  8. Helsel, Gordon C., Jr. 91st E214 R (804) 698-1091 (757) 969-9028
  9. Hodges, M. Keith 98th E410 R (804) 698-1098 (804) 277-9801
  10. Edmunds, James E., II 60th E211 R (804) 698-1060 (434) 476-0077
  11. Head, Christopher T. 17th E314 R (804) 698-1017 (540) 283-2839
  12. Campbell, Jeffrey L. 6th W229 R (804) 698-1006 (276) 227-0247
  13. Sickles, Mark D. 43rd E204 D (804) 698-1043 (703) 922-6440
  14. Hope, Patrick A. 47th E222 D (804) 698-1047 (703) 486-1010
  15. James, Matthew 80th E409 D (804) 698-1080 (757) 967-7583
  16. Levine, Mark H. 45th E208 D (804) 698-1045 (571) 234-8481
  17. Price, Marcia S. (Cia) 95th E323 D (804) 698-1095 (757) 266-5935
  18. Aird, Lashrecse D. 63rd E318 D (804) 698-1063 (804) 452-7076
  19. Hayes, C. E. “Cliff”, Jr. 77th E416 D (804) 698-1077 (757) 364-0272
  20. Rasoul, Sam 11th E320 D (804) 698-1011 (540) 904-6905
  21. Delaney, Karrie K. 67th E218 D (804) 698-1067 (703) 996-9415
  22. Rodman, Debra H. 73rd W226 D (804) 698-1073

Feel free to reach out to either of us if you have any further questions.
All the best,

David W. Allison, MD
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Gainesville, VA 20155

Suja S. Amir, MPA
Richmond, VA 23219
Advisory Board Member, Practicing Physicians of America


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