“Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

Browsing the Medical Society of Virginia’s website was no less than shocking. Physicians, you wrote in back in December and January and asked MSV to represent your voice, the practicing physician and what does MSV do?

“This work continues as part of the state medical society coalition, we are continuing the dialog with ABMS to take advantage of their willingness to work with us to address concerns. (1/19) The MSV GA team is actively working to kill this bill.”

This bill was not on MSV’s agenda until YOU wrote in asking them to put it on their agenda.

MSV states: “Physicians were asked to contact their legislators regarding opposition for this bill and legislators received 566 messages.” 

I’m not sure where they got those numbers from, given that it is a known fact that 81% of physicians oppose MOC. The greater concern here is MSV might be conflicted.  Is it because MSV is a MOC Portfolio Sponsor and has a financial incentive to promote MOC products that can then  be sold to members and nonmembers?

This statement is of grave concern and should make you question MSV.  Please note that the Medical Society of Northern Virginia (MSVNVA) has been actively supporting HB157, sent several physicians this past week to advocate for this bill and has received a large number of letters from support from practicing physicians.  They recently created a petition which I urge Virginia physicians to sign.

If any of this concerns you, then contact MSV and voice your concerns. You need to continue to write and call ALL the members on the Commerce & Labor committee .  Now more than ever, you need to take hold of the narrative and voice your concerns. Indiana just passed SB208 and got it out of committee for a vote in the Senate and Washington passed HB 2257.  Over 17 states with pending legislation and 10 with passed legislation, this is not going to stop unless you stop advocating. The only way to release the bureaucratic stranglehold that has stolen the dignity of the medical profession is by taking action in every possible way. At the very least, contact MSVNVA and send your letter of support: leadership@msvnva.org  We need to work together to make MOC truly voluntary in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



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