The Medical Society of Virginia’s recent response to physicians who have written in about HB157 is incredibly perplexing.  The key points of the email in question are the following:

1. The Medical Society of Virginia has developed and continues to offer innovative programs for physicians to complete Part IV MOC on their own terms. These have been developed by Virginia physicians and are approved for all specialties, putting physicians back in control of their MOC process. “

MSV has taken part in a “sponsorship” program with ABMS for MOC IV.  This sponsorship program is essentially a licensing fee for MSV to sell Part IV MOC products directly to physicians. What do you do when membership revenue has been declining since 2013? Unfortunately, this is a serious disservice by MSV.  Organizations that have a financial interest in MOC should not have the ability to promote policy, particularly ones that prohibit patient access and the ability for physicians to treat patients.

2.  As part of the state medical society coalition, we are continuing the dialog with ABMS to take advantage of their willingness to work with us to address concerns.

ABMS is a private testing company and should practicing physicians CHOOSE to utilize their products, then so be it.  ABMS is not a regulatory entity nor should it have any role in such matters as they have a financial conflict of interest.

3. The alternative to legislatively banning MOC is that, in the absence of a standard of certification,  insurers, hospitals and state medical licensing boards may use their own standards to suit their purposes and create multiple paths toward what is “good” or “certified.” The strategy has to address these possibilities which we think would be worse. 

HB157 does not ban MOC.  In fact, all it does is allow it to remain completely VOLUNTARY and decouples it from insurance panels and hospitals.  MOC is NOT a VIRGINIA STATE MEDICAL LICENSING requirement and does NOT change the Virginia’s Medical Licensing Requirements. This is a serious distortion by MSV.  Physicians, please continue to put the pressure on legislators via emails, phone calls about HB157, because it seems from MSV’s responses to you, they are conflicted.

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