To:  Dear (Senator) or (Delegate):

CC: Del Sam Rasoul

Subject Line:  Patron and Vote YES to HB 157

I’m a physician here in [specify city/localityand am asking you to support HB 157 and return control of medical regulation back to the state medical board, The Department of Health Professions.  Maintenance of Certification is a testing product sold by a private testing company, the American Board of Medical Specialties.  


As a [insert specialty] , I have chosen to join the rest of our physician colleagues across all specialties pleading for MOC to end. It must return to a one-time examination after residency, maintained by holding an unrestricted state medical license and completing CME hours within the confines of the requirements of The Department of Health Professions.


MOC is not useful for practicing physicians and remains a completely voluntary certification.  With hospitals and insurance companies requiring MOC, it becomes extremely burdensome for physicians to access the full complement of insurance programs and hospitals throughout the state. By doing so, it interferes with patients’ abilities to access those physicians and hospitals.


By supporting legislation that decouples MOC from licensure, credentialing, reimbursement, network participation or employment, you are supporting the American Medical Association MOC principles and also upholding the Virginia state medical board requirements. Please vote YES for HB 157 when it comes before the (Senate/House).


Thank you for your support.